Survival Meals

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Emergency Biscuits Trek 'n Eat



Trek'N Eat Emergency Cookies are also known by the Italian army as Armor plates. These hard cookies are energy bombs made from wheat flour, sugar, vegetable fat, glucose syrup, malt extract, yeast, salt and soy lecithin. These cookies, with a high energy content, are ideal for arduous and long-term shipments. A delicious energy tonic that you can of course enjoy as a snack!They have a long service life thanks to their vacuum, airtight and watertight packaging.Ingredients: wheat flour, sugar, palm oil, fructose glucose syrup, malt extract, salt. May contain traces of milk and sesame.Nutritional..

Emergency Food Ration NRG-5



Survival is a matter of organization and NRG-5 emergency food is required to prove it !!When you are called to struggle for your survival then you probably have to forget about your delicious steak or delicious carbonara and find something safer and more nutritious !! These amazing cookies will be your savior in tough times!This raisin cookie is used by many international disaster relief organizations. It is suitable for vegetarians as it does not contain animal additives. Each package contains 500 grams divided into 9 healthy bars with a total calorie count of 2300 calories.A 250g packet cove..

Ready Meal Trek'n Eat Chocolate Mousse



The connoisseurs agree: Trek'n Eat Chocolate Mousse is a true, distinct delight. This is exactly what you need right after a Trek 'n Eat meal. Beyond that, however, this exciting Mousse chocolate can be your tonic injection if the lack of energy is a problem both during shipping and during your nature excursion.Preparation: Fill the bag up to the maximum fill line (100 ml) with cold water, beat until hardened. You can add more than the indicated amount of water depending on how thick you are adding your mousse.This product should be taken as part of a varied and balanced diet and combined with..


Survival Drinking Water



You realize the severity of taking water under any circumstances, although it varies depending on the situation (climate, loss of fluid, fatigue, etc.). The US Department of Defense stipulates that a minimum amount of water is 2 liters per day. Caution! This is the minimum, not the one proposed. It is possible for a human organism to live without food for two weeks or more but without sufficient water it is difficult to survive for more than 3 or a maximum of 4 days.The issue of water in survival is of paramount importance, and the more we know, the greater the chances of our survival.Emergenc..

Trek'n Eat Tactical Day Ration Pack 1100g Typ 4



The “Day Ration Pack” is a customized meal pack for one person for 1 day. It ensures that soldiers have enough to eat even if they cannot be supplied with food through the field kitchen or the canteen. The basis of the packs is formed by our Trek’n Eat portfolio of freeze-driedmeals. Freeze-drying extracts all the moisture from Trek’n Eat foods without destroying important vitamins and minerals. Trek’n Eat thus fulfills the requirements for optimal nutrition even under extreme conditions.Packing Ration Pack 45 pcs VIVIL Creme Life Classic Strawberry3 foil Hellma Sugar2 Pouch Frutti Drink Ice T..

Vegetarian Ready Meal Trek'n Eat Pasta With Soya Bolognese



This vegetarian version of this most popular classic pasta meal captures your palate with its flamboyant, traditional Bolognese flavor. This makes this dish the predominant choice for outdoor gourmets who do not want to eliminate this classic recipe from their menu. With this, they are rewarded with a new and very personalized taste experience.The base of the packs is formed from Trek'n Eat foods that have been freeze-dried.Lyophilization removes all the moisture from Trek'n Eat and the food is preserved without destroying significant vitamins and minerals. Trek'n Eat thus fulfills the require..

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