Ghillie Suit Uniforms

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Defcon 5 Combat Uniform



Jacket Features:4-pocket layout, 2 slanted pockets on either side of the chest, 2 Velcro covered pockets on the top of the arms.Pen pocket for 3 pens on lower left arm.Velcro for name or patches on chest on both sides.Pockets for neoprene elbow pads on both elbows (pads not included).Mandarin collar can be worn up or downTrouser Features:Trousers have an 8-pocket layout, 2 velcro closure slanted pockets on either leg, 2 mag pouches on the lower part of either leg, 2 standard thigh pockets and 2 at the rear.Knee pad pockets on both knees for Neoprene Knee Pads inserts (not included).Drawstring ..

Ghillie Cover Anti Fire Woodland



Ghillie Suit emergency coverage Anti Fire (Woodland), from synthetic material with fibers on a net, made by the German company Mil-tec.It has six straps that help to easily attach the suit on you. Thereby customizing it on you and you are covered. It is lightweight and easy to use both in use and during transport. It can be used as a cover for your equipment. It does not cause allergy, not moldy, do not smell, do not burn easily and washed by hand.Specifications:The Ghillie Suit is available in special small bag for easy transport.Perfect for hunting, bird watching, paintball or airsoftDesigne..

Ghillie Sniper Cape - Multitarn



Ghillie Sniper Cape Multitarn is a handy cloak made of mesh material, which is an excellent base for building a lightweight camouflage suit. The cape is much lighter and takes up much less space than the whole camouflage set, so it is a perfect choice for both hunters and airsoft game participants. It differs from other camouflage methods in its natural appearance and blurring of the human silhouette, which cannot be achieved with field uniforms in camouflage colours or camouflage paints. The cape is fastened at the front with two comfortable snaps and adapted to wear on clothes. Product ..

Ghillie Suit



A concealing clothing Ghillie Suit suitable for sniper, made of non-toxic material for better protection of the skin and effective protection from UV rays.Characteristics:Material: 100% PolyesterIt has fire treatmentDries quicklyExtremely durable constructionVariant Type: WoodlandThe set featuresHeadgearJacketTrousersWeapon HideBag transfer..


Ghillie Suit Camo Systems Hiding Suit




For years, Camo Systems has been able to fine-tune its ghillie costumes in order to offer its customers the best result, ensuring both their comfort and their efficiency.These suits are designed to be strong but lightweight and made of waterproof fabric of high quality so that they do not become heavy and wet when they come in contact with water if you need to stay hours in the rain.They do not wear out, they dry fast, they are resistant to friction and have dust and garbage protectors. We think we've always thought about it so we can provide you with a reputable product .. !!!Characteristics:..

Ghillie Suit Parka



Hidden parachute outfit to easily adapt to you and you can tailor any of your equipment onto it. It's a sniper rifle Ghillie Suit, made of non-toxic material for better skin protection and more effective protection against UV rays.Characteristics:Material of construction: 100% PolyesterIt has fireproof processingIt dries quicklyExtremely durable constructionVariant Type: WoodlandIt has a carrying bag..

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