Payment Method

1. PAYPAL payments

Pay under the safest and quickest application on internet, through PAYPAL even having your own paypal account or not and also with the NEW features of PAYPAL you can pay through your Debit or credit card safe and easy.

PayPal Acceptance Mark

2. Cash on Delivery

For those who prefer to pay upon arrival, products are delivered by "ELTA Courier service" and " ACS Courier ". This method of payment applies to all products regardless the volume & weight of each order. Cash on Delivery is charged €2.50 extra.

3. Wire Transfer

You may choose the most convenient Bank to arrange the payment of your order. On swift copy of payment you should add a notice of you full Name or the No. of your order. For better service please kindly send us an email, attaching the proof of payment at, or contact us at this number +30 2310 519 145.

Benefiary Bank accounts of our Company are:

Account No: 0026-0120-5002-0047-9190

EUROBANK (ΙΒΑΝ): GR60 02601200 0005 0020 0479 190

Beneficiary name: Ηρακλής Μιχαηλίδης (Iraklis Michaelides)

Account No: 213/004527-66

NBG (ΙΒΑΝ): GR240 110213 00000 21300 4527 66

Beneficiary name: Ηρακλής Μιχαηλίδης

Account No5229 086638 733

PIRΑEUS BANK (ΙΒΑΝ): GR9301722290005229086638733

Beneficiary name: Ηρακλής Μιχαηλίδης (Iraklis Michaelides)

Account No701 00 2002 023461

ALPHA BANK (ΙΒΑΝ): GR02 0140 7010 7010200 2023 461

Beneficiary name: Ηρακλής Μιχαηλίδης (Iraklis Michaelides)