The Company

The company Hercules Army Action created by Hercules Michaelides in 1990. Over these years with personal care and passion has created a complete shop fully equipped with all the latest products but also all conventional products needed for the soldier, the policeman or anyone who deals with the action. Our store is one of the central parts of Thessaloniki, Vardari, on the main central axis of the city, the Monastery, so that visitors can come to the store from any direction without effort and with easy access to parking spaces in region.

Our store has the ability to send the products throughout Greece and Cyprus directly and safely as collaborating with the most important transport companies and has created an integrated mission system.

Our company over the years has set as its primary objective the better and faster customer service with quality products at the most reasonable prices. In our store you will find clothes, shoes, accessories etc of the largest and most respected companies around the world.

The Hercules Army Action is here to cater to your every need !!!!